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Below are some Help documents on navigating your ONLINE account


How to Make a Payment for Camp


How to update suitemate/ teammate choices AND other camper choices


You can order items to be delivered at camp (Camp Ball, Evening Pizzas)

You can order items to be mailed prior to camp

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Session 1 Info Packet: June 10-14, 2023

Session 2 Info Packet: June 14-18, 2023

Session 3 Info Packet: July 6-8, 2023 (8-10 year old camp)

Session 4 Info Packet: July 6-8, 2023 (College Prep Camp)

Session 5 Info Packet: July 8-12, 2023

Session 6 Info Packet: July 12-16, 2023




Click the link below to see the suitemate assignments for your camp session.  The assignments are list by camper first name and last initial.  The names listed together are in the same dorm suite/ training Team.  If there is an error - please email [email protected]



Session 3: July 6-8 (updated 6-30)

Session 4: College Prep Camp (updated 6-30)

Session 5: July 8-12 BOYS (updated 6-30)

Session 5: July 8-12 GIRLS (updated 6-30)

Session 6: July 12-16 BOYS (updated 6-22)

Session 6: July 12-16 GIRLS (updated 6-22)


*Tentative list of suitemate assignments for camp, subject to change!AklAfsHJ31XQhONwWggXPLgmU4LmDw?e=2WZgTu


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